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My name is Vytas, I usually use my pen name Ablati, as I consider it a bit more neutral for any cultural background. I am 36 stay at home dad at the moment.

I used to work an office job for more than a decade, used to be a purchase manager in a trading company and went up to a head of purchasing and logistics department. I was good at my job, and there are no problems for me to get back. I was satisfied with my career in general, but it is far from perfect.

Just after my son was born, one more amazing thing happened to me- I quit smoking easily and naturally. My quitting journey took me almost 10 years, and finally I am here- smoke free for more than a year, with no back door thoughts at any situation. I collected lots of info and experience on quitting. Finally, I am successful and willing to share with everybody who needs it with joy.

I thought it would be great to do what I am passionate about and live out of that. Sounds so familiar and even more unrealistic? It is so hard to offer something for people, as it is nearly to impossible to get proper attention from the audience these days. But what if reaching the audience you need would be mission possible? That is completely another story.

I am a believer, that nowadays it is possible to monetize any activity we like to do and we are good, or at least mediocre at. The greatest problem we have now is to grab audience attentions.

Today is an era of social networks and smartphones, so many people and companies wants at least a tiny bit of our attention in our news feed. When we try to monetize our hobbies or product we are experts at, we start to compete with companies and influencers for audience attention. We try to fight pros of their craft in their own field. Looks impossible, but if we succeed, and grab that portion of attention we strive, of multi billion audience, we may make a lucrative lifestyle, doing what we love.

I run a quit smoking support site smokingisachoice.com I want people to know that quit smoking is so easy, just they were quitting in a wrong way. I try different methods of internet marketing to promote site, so people get useful information.

I believe that marketing skill to grab audience attention allows me to have any job I want. I may market my quitting smoking site, someone’s local restaurant, or unknown jewelers rings- It does not matter as long as you have that internet marketing skill. I believe this skill will be most valuable in next 30- 50 years, as everybody is fighting for that audience attention, so to master it is crucial to everyone who wants to have a happy professional life.

I welcome you to join me in this journey and try various ways of marketing, so your present, or future product get attention it deserves. It will require some time, money and effort, but I am more than sure it will be worth it.

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