Why to write a blog? 18 reasons to consider!

Why to write a blog

Having a personal blog is an awesome idea, but as any rewarding things in this life, it comes with a price. I will be honest with you, writing a blog is not as simple as it may seem from the first sight. In a short time after you start, plenty of issues emerge- hard to formulate your sentences on paper, despite you know what to say. After you create your first dozen of posts, you face a problem how to find a blog topic.

You have to learn to write a blog. That is a long process, so you need your personal reasons to go that journey from the very start in order to reach a point, where blogging becomes your second nature and brings all the benefits you where started blogging for.

Read all the possible reasons to blog. If you count at least three reasons for yourself to blog, be sure- you have to try it. Great chances are you’ll find your new hobby, passion or even an income source.

1. Share your passions and knowledge

You have a hobby, there is an interest area you collected lots of knowledge on it- blogging is absolutely the best way to share your passion. Blogging might become a routine, incorporated in your hobby activities. You like cooking or watch birds, you will feel that sense of fullness and gratefulness after you write a post about your activity and see it on the net. Warning, it may be addictive.

2. You’ll become a better writer

An obvious one- the more you write, the better you are at it. Creative writing was a valuable skill from Shakespeare times. It is so important now, when we write so much, from messenger messages, to paragraphs at PowerPoint presentations at work. Good skill of writing those days is a weight of gold. You can polish your skill by writing about things you like, according to your own schedule, in a manner you want

3.You’ll become a better thinker

In order to write something, you have to think about it at first. This is not that simple process. Text is well articulated, and formulated thoughts. You have to be clear what message you are sending by the sentence you are writing. It sometimes takes to write a sentence several times before you are happy with it. Writing is a great mind training, like gym for your body. I may assure you, that no reading or solving quizzes will bring such result.- tried that, writing is 100 times more effective.

4. Articulating your own thoughts

If there is an area of your life, that you are interested in but still a bit lost- blogging is a great tool to find answers, and feel involved. You started in go deep in to self-help, philosophy, or veganism- start a blog, write your thoughts. It is better to write everything out and send it on the net, then keep it in yourself all the time and digest the same thoughts over and over again. By sending thoughts out, you’ll empty space in your mind to new fresh thoughts.

5. Improving your English

English is my second language. I bet native speakers can notice that quickly, while reading, but I’m OK with that. One of my aims is to improve my English writing skill by running several blogs in English. Besides that, it is even greater brain training, we talked about before. If you are not a native speaker, but comprehend this article well, you are qualified to start a blog in English. Nobody cares so much about your English, as long as you have a message to share.

6. Blogging improves your discipline

While running a blog, you need to set your volume and quality goals. There is no chance to write blog on a long run without a certain level of discipline. After you receive first comments below your posts, you become an endorphin, received from blogging, junkie. You start scheduling your posts, setting daily weekly monthly writing goals. You do everything to get another dose of endorphins. You develop your discipline with joy.

7. Blogging improves your argumentation skills

Majority of texts, you face are thesis and argumentation. While writing post after post, you become a master of argumentation. You become more laconic, you express yourself more fluent. You send more exact message to your audience. This skill is so needed and valuable in real life. Unpleasant situations at work, arguments in the family, discussions with friends you name it. You need argumentation skills to be heard.

8. Sense of fulfillment and positive emotional rush

After I publish my post, I always feel the sense of fulfillment. This is such a nice way to receive some positive emotions. You feel you have done something meaningful to yourself. You spread the word in the internet space, that might be useful to someone. Ant that is the first part of joy. You receive comments, that proves you wrote your text not only for yourself. That sweet endorphin rush. It’s addictive, as I mentioned above.

9. Personal journal

If you have a period of your life, that is very different from your previous life, it is a great idea to run a blog on that. Whether you are an Erasmus student, going thru weight loss journey, or you are in an active search for your second half, blogging becomes kind of diary of your activity. It doesn’t have to be very personal, but it will be heck of a joy to find people on planet Earth, who had, felt or suffered the same like you.

10. Meet people that has same interests

It happens easily and pretty fast. Some one comes to your blog, and you have a chat. Sometimes you link people to your blog in a discussion. Long story short, you find yourself surrounded with people with the same interests in pretty short time. Besides that, you create a community from all around the world.

11. Blogging helps other people

By running a blog, you have a voice. You can point out to the unfairness you see, or to pay attention to issues you are concerned about. Even if you are running a small blog with barely any traffic, you have your position stated. This is very powerful. Every avalanche starts from a small rock at the top.

I run a quit smoking support blog www.smokingisachoice.com I share my thoughts on the subject, that are a bit different compared to mainstream on the net. It gives me sense of fullness and satisfaction, then people say my job was helpful to them.

12. Portfolio

You have to do it for yourself if you are a photographer, architect, poet or artist of any kind. Run a blog, make yourself a portfolio, that is available to everyone interested. Give a chance to find you. You don’t need to write much text, if you are a painter. Just upload your works. You’ll have a virtual place, where to link people from the net or real life.

13. Earn more exposure, build your professional network

We live in the era where we change jobs more rapidly, or work at several projects at a time. All of us, who has a profession are becoming a freelance more or less. By creating a professional blog you earn more exposure in your professional area. That helps to establish authority and personal brand. You need a personal brand awareness almost in any profession, from used car salesman or a state Judge. Besides your personal professional exposure, you creating a network of professionals. This is a very good bonus to your LinkedIn account.

14. Great CV entry

Admit it, when you have to describe your hobbies and interests, it is way better to write “ I run a blog on my spare time”, than “ I like travelling and reading books”. You are 2 points closer to job interview in the eyes of HR clerk. You are 5 points closer to receiving a desired work position, if you have a chance to talk about your blog during the interview

15. Blogging as an income source

This topic is booming right now as if it would be easiest and best paid occupation ever. You have to grind your way to significant income, but it is totally doable. E commerce is booming, blogging is by far most lovable content of search engines. Develop your blog to a significant audience and monetizing it is the easy part.

16. Being your own boss

If you receive some income from your blog, it is a matter of technique to scale it to the full time occupation. You become your own boss who schedules the tasks and distributes the workload. You can stay with your family longer, if you need it at that period of your life without any excuses. You don’t have to be accountable to a bigger fish at the office, who is not the smartest one often.

You can work from anywhere anytime. Also, you build your own business that brings passive income and remains value overtime. If you consider to try blogging as an income source, be sure to read my review of the best blogging entrepreneur community by far HERE.

17. Blogging helps to develop actual business

If you are a business owner, you have to consider blogging very seriously. You get more exposure and create more credibility. Sales through your site are also a lucrative part of blogging.

There are barely no businesses left that has no a website. Small business has small landing pages, big companies creates broad sites, but blog is a great additional bonus to any of those. Besides, you spread a word about your products or services, you look more of an expert in the subject. More than that, blog makes people stay on your site longer, click on some additional pages. That helps for page SEO a big time. This reason itself makes worth to try blogging.

You think your business too small and too boring to blog about? Not enough topics to write? Dry cleaning or walking neighborhood dogs are great businesses to write about. The more narrow and unusual your business niche is, the easier to rank on first page of google. Do it and never look back.

18. Having own piece of internet

Having a digital space of your own is a great feeling. This is a place where you create your own world that lives and develops under your rules. You have a space where you can run away from the rest of the world and spill out all the creativity and emotions you have at that moment.

I wish you all to create that space for yourself and own a piece of the net. This Is a great gift you can give to yourself starting from today.


If you counted at least 3 reasons that motivates you to start blogging, be sure, this is your thing.

Internet is a big part of our life, social media is part of our identity. Personal blog is a social media platform, so don’t miss a chance to reveal a real you on your own internet space.

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